About us

Kaliakoir Fac 8

Company At a Glance

Uniglory is a subsidiary of Meghna Group

Name of the Concerns :

  • Uniglory Paper & Packaging (UPPL);
  • Uniglory Button Ltd. (UBL);
  • Uniglory Paper Industries Ltd. (UPIL);

Year of Establishment : 2010
Factory Location :

Gorai, Hatubhanga, Mominnagar, Mirzapur, Tangail, Bangladesh.

Factory Area : 7acre.


Our Sustainability

  • Focus on HR development.  Uniglory values its human resources most. It maintains a continuity plan for the development of its human resources. We believe in the people development through career planning, continuous training and job up gradation.
  • Uniglory continuously makes endeavors to keep the employee turnover to the minimum. In doing so apart from providing competitive compensation packages it prioritizes on work place safety and maintains high level of ethical standards in the areas of:
    • Environment, health and safety policy
    • Child labor policy
    • Timely disbursement of monthly salary and overtime (OT) payments.
    • Performance based employment decisions in hiring, compensations, retentions, rewards, incentives, promotions, termination and retirement
    • Insurance coverage of health and life insurance of all employees.
  • Automated corrugated factory located near to the heart of the largest RMG factory clusters i.e Dhaka EPZ, Savar and Gazipur; where disturbances of Dhaka city will not affect the factory operation and timely delivery of cartons to the customer.
  • Second unit is also collocated. So that in case of requirement effective and timely backup remains readily available.
  • Being a subsidiary of ‘Meghna Group’ (a sizable conglomerate in BD), Uniglory has comparatively smooth access to both funded and non-funded credit facilities from banks. UPPL also has access to foreign fund at a very low interest rate; which enables us to sustain even in the bad days as the cost of fund is relatively less than the competition.
  • Pricing is also very competitive. As the cost of fund is relatively low so we can always offer better price.
  • The factory infrastructure is suitable for creating an ideal working atmosphere. Spacious work environment satisfies all regulatory requirements.
  • Facility is built maintaining all updated safety and compliance requirements. Facility is equipped with fire hydrant system and adequate fire-fighting facilities as prescribed by compliance audit teams, are available
  • ‘Meghna Group’s’ gas generator driven power enables us to remain self-sufficient in power when there are tremendous shortage of power fro our competition.
  • Long term strategy to establish as one of the major player of garments accessories. Accordingly, under ‘UNIGLORY’, i) Uniglory Accessories Ltd, ii) Uniglory Button Limited is already operational. More so, Meghna Mainetti Ltd, a project of hanger manufacturing plant; Techstar Packaging another JV project of poly bags is also located in the same premises. The locality is developed by our group as a one stop solution for all major garments trims, cartons, buttons & accessories.
  • Self-owned fleet of transport vans reduced our dependency on hired transports for delivery. This gets crucial during the days of political unrest when hired vehicles are very difficult to manage. Today 97% of the delivery is covered by our own transport.

Our Advantages:

  • Our factories are strategically located from where delivery can be ensured to the major RMG factory areas (DEPZ, Savar, Ashulia, Gazipur etc.) at a comparatively shorter time than competition.
  • Two factories are built in two co-located premises.
  • One of the major contributor to our growth is that we do not have any involvement in RMG manufacturing. Our focus is to grow as RMG accessories manufacturer. So, all the big players in the RMG sector do not consider us as a competition rather we have a good access to them as a partner to support them with trims, buttons, hangers, poly bags , cartons and other accessories.
  • Sufficient capacity to supply H&M cartons in Bangladesh.
  • Additional warehouse enables us to keep enough paper stocks to meet growing demand of H&M.
  • Execution of our future expansion also would enable us to support H&M’s growing demand.


Our Strength:

  • Access to POWER even for future expansions
  • We use steam from the FLUE GAS of the gas generator which enables us to reduce cost and we can share the savings with the customer
  • Managements continuous involvement in taking major decisions PROMPTLY
  • Own TRANSPORT fleet
  • Two CO-LOCATED factories to complement each other
  • CLOSEST the largest RMG factory clusters; i.e Ashulia, DEPZ